The Legend of Chikuwa

Established in the year 10 Bunsei (1827).
At YAMASA Chikuwa, we manufacture chikuwa using
the same time honored traditional methods of production
as in ancient times.

We are sorry to say that we do not conduct overseas mail-order sales.

About YAMASA Chikuwa
Yamasa Chikuwa Co.,Ltd is a Japanese marine food products company established in 1827.

Our company motto is "lead cannot be changed into gold". Even if at first glance something looks like a gold nugget,if its true nature is lead, it cannot abe said to be authentic.

Making chikuwa is the same. Producing authentic chikuwa flavor starts with the selection of raw materials, but a craftsman must also be skilled in the method of kneading,determining cooking time,adjusting the flavoring according to the season on occasion and so on.

When the raw materiaals,the people,the skills are all authentic,the result is "delicious". This is the demanding flover,the authentic flavor of the chikuwa made by Yamasa Chikuwa Co.,Ltd.

We will never change our policy as we continue to pursue this authentic flavor.

YAMASA Chikuwa Co.,Ltd.
Head office:30-1 Hashiguti Shimoji-cho
Toyohashi Aichi JAPAN

Head shop:97 Uomachi
Toyohashi Aichi JAPAN